Graphic Design Art Illustration

Lisa Hanisch

Hello, sunshine soul!

It must have a reason that you stumbled across my website if it wasn’t on purpose anyway. I guess our love for the ocean and nature, minimalism and the belief in good things in life connects us, am I right? That’s wonderful!

I am a german Graphic Designer and Illustrator with a passion for anything ocean related.

I try to pursue a happy and let-life-guide-you lifestyle without trying to influence each and every direction, but with a strong believe that matching clients and projects fine me or I find them, just in the right time. I think you can find that ease in my art, too.

I support small business owners and environmental friendly ideas. If you need help with developing a visual identity for your brand, I am happy to help you with consulting, development and implementation. I do graphic layouting, composing and comissioned art, too.

If you have an idea for a creative project, feel free to reach out!

What can I do?

I can help you out with

  • Concept and Consulting
  • Logo and Corporate Design
  • General Graphic Design
  • Illustration
  • Wall Art
  • Apparel
  • Surf and Travel Art
Logo Design (DJ Mücke)

Feel free to drop a line